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Acrobat Reader

  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® for Pocket PC lets you view Adobe Portable Document (PDF) files on Pocket PC devices.

  Website  -   Download


Advanced Explorer

  • Advanced Explorer is a powerful file explorer.  It provides intuitive way to suit the need of different types of users.

  Website  -   Download


Ankruz Agenda

  • This application allows you to: Review your appointments stored in the Pocket Outlook calendar; Filter appointments by category; Add new appointments; Modify and delete displayed appointments; and Sort appointments by subject, location or appearance.

  Website  -   Download


Cab Install

  • This program is an installer for CAB files and allows you to install PPC programs into the specified folder instead of the default created by the standard installer. If the folder is not specified, the installation will be made into the default folder.

  Website  -   Download


Calc 98

  • Calc98 is a pocket calculator simulator program. It is especially designed for scientific and engineering students and professionals and includes a wide range of units conversions and scientific functions. It also has statistics, financial and time functions, including a stopwatch.

  Website  -   Download


Canadian New Fuels Runtime

  • To run a Microsoft Pocket Visual Basic program on your Windows CE device you will need to first install the runtime files for Microsoft Visual Basic on your Windows CE computer.

  Website  -   Download

Calendar +.jpg

Calendar +

  • This is an option packed alternative Calendar today plugin that allows you to show multiple appointments, birthdays (including the age of the person) and how it is displayed.  Plus the options can be changed by clicking and holding your stylus on the calendar icon.

  Website  -   Download

Pocket Tools.jpg

Citadel Development Pocket Tools

  • Pocket Tools is a complete monitoring program essential for Microsoft Windows CE-based Pocket PC devices.

  Website  -   Download


Get PDA Screen

  • Get PDA Screen is a small utility to get screen captures from your PDA when its connected via ActiveSync.

  Website  -   Download

Jinzo Paint.jpg

Jinzo Paint

  • Neat drawing program.

  Website  -   Download

Kid Color.jpg

Kid Color

  • Kid Color is a child-oriented drawing application. Once you start the software, all "sensitive" commands will no longer be available, this is to protect your data. The color and thickness choices are done with one "tap" (without any confirmation) everything on the interface disappears and the options reappear if inactive for 2.5 seconds.

  • To exit the program, click on the red button and do not "tap" on the screen for 3 seconds.




  • Features:  Maintain completely independent lists of tasks, items, or whatever; Hierarchical List organization allows categories and subcategories; Efficient, intuitive interface; Capable of multi-line item descriptions; & Ability to hide, purge, and uncheck all checked items in a list.

  Website  -   Download



  • This is a utility that let's you launch Pocket Streets or Internet Explorer to show a map of the address of the selected contact.

  Website  -   Download

Mobile Painting.jpg

Mobile Pencil

  • Mobile Pencil (also known as Nfpencil2) is a easy-to-use drawing software. It's concept is "easy and fun". Simple interface, pastel like drawing touch. You can select type of paper texture, and 8 types of pen tip. Simple, but possibilities of this software is infinite. Screenshot on left side is a screenshot for Mobile Pencil, and "Flag" you see inside screenshot, is actually made with Mobile Pencil. As you can make various type of drawings with single pencil, you can make various type of drawings with this Mobile Pencil. However, concept is simply "enjoy drawing, think nothing.".

  Website  -   Download


Owner Info Extended

  • Today plugin for Pocket PC 2000/2002 which extends the simple functionality of "Owner Info". Now you can add your customize thumbnail instead of just showing your name.



PDAMill TopKey

  • Easy and powerful input method for your Pocket PC with multilingual layouts and predictive input. It's so smart it not only predicts your next words but also learns the words you use. It's in beta testing, so you can download it for free, but it might contain problems.

  Website  -   Download


PDAMill Viewer

  • A free image viewer which has been updated with a lightning-fast and high quality JPG loader, with tons of cool features, such as high-color dithering, auto-zoom and rotate, gamma correction, faster loading. And most importantly, it's still FREE!

  Website  -   Download

PE Info.jpg

PE Info

  • If you want to know what is inside the .exe files on you PPC this is the program for it.  It has the following attributes; PE executable info; Hexview/edit; and Resource (icon, bmp, dialog, string, etc.) view/extract.

  Website  -   Download


Pelmar WisBar

  • The Best task manager that replaces the standard toolbar on the Today screen with its own customized bar. You can manage tasks and close any or all active applications. You can customize the components and the look and feel of the bar.

  Website  -   Download

PHMPower Toys.jpg

PHM Pocket PC Power Toys

  • Great set of tools for the PPC.  They include Suspend, Reset, Today, Alt-Tab, Alt-F4, Shell32dll, Shortcuts, Documents, Font, Database, Scheduled Tasks, Run, Character Map SIP, Notepad, Autoplay, Clipboard Pane, Ext. Keyboard SIP,  and Screen Saver Power Toys.

  Website  -   Download


PHM Today Meters

  • The Today Meters display your batteries, memory and storage cards resources on the Today screen.

  Website  -   Download


PHM Registry Editor

  • This Registry Editor will allow you to edit your Pocket PC registry where all its configuration and tweaks are stored.  It will also let you search the registry!

  Website  -   Download



  • Pike is a tool for creating and editing icons and small bitmaps and their palettes.

  Website  -   Download

Pocket Calendar.jpg

Pocket Calendar

  • One of the most useful PPC programs to date.  This is a popup monthly calendar on your PPC.  You can assign it to one of the tap and hold icons (I assigned it to open when I tap and hold the WisBar Advance Time/Date) of the WisBar Advance or one of your PPC buttons.

  Website  -   Download

Pocket Dictate.jpg

Pocket Dictate

  • Pocket Dictate is a new software program to organize your vocal memos on your Pocket PC. As all of you know, by default, the vocal notes are managed by the Note application of the Pocket PC. Pocket Dictate is a specialized software with many available options: personalized voice activation, addition of vocal notes in previously saved notes (this is excellent!), the ability to rename files straight in the application, and the ability to send by email (with Pocket Outlook set up).

  • An excellent software simple to use and offering control buttons large enough and easy to manipulate with the finger.

  Website  -   Download


Pocket Streets 2001/2002

  • With Pocket Streets running on your Pocket PC, you can download maps or export an area from MapPoint, Streets & Trips or AutoRoute 2003 versions. Sync the map to your Pocket PC then simply launch Pocket Streets to locate addresses or points of interest or to customize the map by inserting your own pushpins.

    NoticeYou can download Pocket Streets for free and they also offer some free maps to download, if you want to make your own you will have to buy MS Streets and Trips!

  Website  -   Download


Pocket Translator

  • Pocket Translator is an easy to use, freeware word translation utility.  It supports 9 different languages. Included in the basic setup is English and French. Other dictionaries can be downloaded separately.

  Website  -   Download


Pocket TV

  • PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player.

  Website  -   Download


Pocket Tweak

  • PocketTweak is a small program for Pocket PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors.

  Website  -   Download


PQ View

  • Best Picture Viewer out there, plus tons of other features.

  Website  -   Download


Q Calc

  • Great Scientific Calculator for PPC.

  Website  -   Download



  • Great Installed Program/Game Remover from the makers of Cab Install.

  • WarningDo not forget to backup your PPC before using this program!

  Website  -   Download



  • Turn your PPC into an adjustable "to scale" ruler.

  Website  -   Download


Sticky Calc

  • Need to do some math, pronto?  Just tap away on your Today screen.  No need to launch any other application.


TangCode Image Explorer.jpg

TangCode Image Explorer

  • Open image files with ease using Image Explorer. Supported file formats are Windows Bitmaps (2bp, bmp), all GIF formats (gif), standard and progressive encoded JPEGs (jpeg, jpg, jpe) and X-Windows bitmaps (xbm).

  Website  -   Download


Tascal Gauge

  • Converter for scales and measures and weights, ... etc

  Website  -   Download

Tascal LHA.jpg

Tascal LHA

  • LZH file archiver.

  Website  -   Download

Tascal Pocket Explorer.jpg

Tascal Pocket Explorer -TPE

  • The best Explorer for Pocket PC. It has tree view & preview pane.

  Website  -   Download


Tascal Regedit

  • The best Registry editor.  Does not search though.

  Website  -   Download


Tascal Search

  • File search utility.

  Website  -   Download

Tascal Sync.jpg

Tascal Sync

  • A very handy older synchronize utility.

  Website  -   Download



  • The Best Today Screen Launcher. Change the background picture and the size of an icon or an interval can be set up.

  Website  -   Download

Pocket NotePad.jpg

Tillanosoft Pocket Note Pad

  • The concept of Pocket Note Pad is "To provide the same feature as Desktop Notepad does" or "Nothing added to the original Notepad". :-) That is, no toolbars, rebar bands, etc...

  Website  -   Download



  • UnZip zip files.

  Website  -   Download


Vasilenok's Birthday

  • VBirthday scans your contacts for all Birthday/Anniversary events, sorts it and shows to you. You may sort by Name, by Age or by Next event.

  Website  -   Download



  • Informative compact Solar System educational program.  Great info and graphics.

  Website  -   Download

Wisbar Advance.jpg

WisBar Advance

  • The greatest and latest variation of WisBar that works with the Jornada.  This one has a better interface and more options, including balloon windows, skinable menu bars, expandable menus and assignable tap and hold icons.  A definite must have.

  Website  -   Download

XnView Pocket.jpg

XnView Pocket

  • The best, freeware, full featured graphic/photo viewer and editor for the PPC.  Can show thumbnails, slide shows, etc.

  Website  -   Download