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KLM HP Jornada

Pocket PC Freeware



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  • - HP Jornada 520 Product Support Site

    • Site contains links to:

      • Frequently asked questions.

      • Solve a Problem.

      • Setup & Install.

      • How to Use & Maintain.

      • Update Software & Drivers.

      • Manuals.

      • Parts Information.


  • - Pocket PC Freewares

    • This is the best site that I have found where you can download new and old programs for the PPC.  The site is in French but you can now choose to view the site in English with English reviews.  The site links you to the programs, games, utils, etc. home pages for the downloads.  

    • KLM Note: Not all Sh3 processor programs will work on the HP Jornada 520-548.  You just have to download and try to install them.  Usually when installing the program on your PPC, the install program will let you know that it is not compatible with your PPC.


    • Great Directory of Sites that are optimized for viewing on your Pocket PC.

  • - Pocket PC Registry Tweaks

    • Here are some registry tweaks, also referred to as "hacks", for the Pocket PC.  Be careful as it's always dangerous to modify the registry, you should understand exactly what they do before using them.