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The HP Jornada 525 lets you work where and when you need to! 

A PC that fits your pocket and your life. The HP Jornada 525 color Pocket PC lets you work where and when you need to. Not only will it help you stay organized, you'll be able to work away from your desk. With pocket pc versions of Microsoft¨ Outlook, Microsoft¨ Word and Microsoft¨ Excel you can edit a spreadsheet on the plane, work on a Word document while listening to your favorite MP3 or record a voice memo instantly when that great idea hits. Plus, it's wireless-Internet ready so you can connect to the Web to check stocks, pick a restaurant, or read your email when you're on the road. Even free time is fun and the vivid color display enriches reading electronic books, playing games, and surfing the Web. And when you're ready for more, HP makes it easy with the built-in CompactFlashª expansion slot to add memory and accessories. (Click on photo below to see expanded view of CompactFlash slot).

  • Features of the HP Jornada 525: (Click on photos below to see expanded view of features).



    • Operating System: Microsoft¨ Windows¨ for Pocket PC.
    • Processor: 133 MHz 32-bit Hitachi processor.
    • Memory: 16MB RAM.
    • Display: 240 x 320 pixels LCD supports up to 256 colors Microsoft¨ ClearTypeª display technology.
    • Input: Pen-and-touch interface (stylus included).
    • Handwriting recognition software: Yes.
    • On-screen keyboard: 4-user configurable quick launch screen keys/icons, Record button and action button.
    • Notification: LED.
    • Battery: Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.
    • Battery life: up to 8 hours.
    • Input/output: CompactFlashª Type I card slot, IrDA infrared port, RS232 serial port, AC input jack, Stereo earphone jack.
    • Sound: Audio mono-speaker, Microphone Built-in voice recorder, Digital audio player compatible.
    • Other Standard Features: Serial sync cable, AC adapter, Compact carrying pouch, Exclusive password reminder and logging features built-in.
    • Physical Specifications: 5.2 x 3.1 x 0.7 in. (13 x 7.8 x 1.7 cm).
    • Weight: 8.0 oz (230g) with battery.
    • Included Software: Pocket Outlook (manage calendars, tasks, and contacts), Pocket Internet Explorer, Plug-in for AvantGoª (browse Web pages , AvantGo Mobile Channels, Mobile Favorites Synchronization, Microsoft¨ Mobile Channels, Pocket Word (view and edit Word documents), Pocket Excel (view and edit Excel documents), Microsoft¨ Reader (read electronic books) - Microsoft¨ ClearType display technology Windows¨ Mediaª Player (enjoy digital music), Note Taker Voice Recorder, Calculator, Solitaire, File Explorer, LandWare OmniSolveª 1.01 (business and financial calculator), Socket Communicationsª drivers- low-power Ethernet (LP-E) drivers for SocketÕs LP-E card HP settings, backup, home menu, task switcher, game buttons HP security (password) HP info exchange (allows you to send and receive PIM data to and from non-Windows¨ powered IrDA equipped PDAs).  (Click on photo below to see expanded view of rom programs).


  • Inside the box:
    • HP Jornada Pocket PC, with carrying pouch and stylus.
    • AC adapter Serial Cable for connection to a desktop PC.
    • Quick Start Guide.
    • HP documentation pack (Regulatory Information Leaflet and HP Jornada Accessory Guide).
    • User Guide (on HP Jornada CD-ROM).
    • Software HP Jornada CD-ROM Microsoft¨ ActiveSync¨ CD-ROM and booklet.